Some satellite phones offer a low bandwidth data connection, but the web browsing experience is nothing like what you’d experience using the high bandwidth connection offered by your smartphone. However, a satellite phone’s low bandwidth connection can be used for email, to send pictures, or download weather forecasts. If a cell tower goes down during an emergency, the whole network is at risk of being overloaded or may fail entirely. One of the most important tech tools for any prepper is a satellite phone, which bypasses entirely the local system. Satellite phone solutions are essential in delivering communication services to and from remote areas around the world where standard networks are simply not available.

Unlike cell phones, satellite phones require line-of-site with the sky to receive a signal for service. Don’t expect your satellite phone to ring in the lobby of your hotel or inside a stateroom while at sea.

A satellite telephone, satellite phone or satphone is a type of mobile phone that connects to other phones or the telephone network by radio through orbiting satellites instead of terrestrial cell sites, as cellphones do. The advantage of a satphone is that its use is not limited to areas covered by cell towers; it can be used in most or all geographic locations on the earth’s surface. ATCLF Two phone numbers (phone & fax) are issued to each bgan sim card, and more than one sim card can be owned. Bgan voice calling is superior to handheld satellite phones because the antenna is much larger, and unlike satellite phones that connect with many moving satellites, bgan connects to a single stationary satellite. Bgan terminals do not require an external power source for idle operation with an average of 36 hours per charged battery.

These systems are field proven and have been invaluable communications tools to thousands of professionals and organizations worldwide. Anytime you need to communicate outside of regular telephone coverage is a time where you could use a satellite phone. For those who travel through or work in remote areas where there’s no cellular signal or landlines, it can become an everyday essential piece of kit, just like a mobile phone is to the rest of us. The cost of a satellite phone service depends on the type of service and the features. There are no long distance or roaming charges with the iridium or inmarsat satellite networks. Globalstar’s network is more regional so if you travel outside of the united states, canada or the caribbean, globalstar roaming fees may apply and you should check the rates.

However, you might be able to receive a signal if you are by a large window or in an open, remote spot. Hardened structures, buildings, mountains, and heavy tree cover can all negatively affect your signal. Iridium satellite offers phones, packages and data services for avid campers, hikers, hunters or any occupation that takes you off to a remote, off-the-grid location for a while. Because they work through satellites positioned high in earths orbit they need unobstructed view to function properly. Satellites offer global coverage from pole to pole, in mountainous regions, deserts and anywhere at sea. Satellite phones use international phone numbers and most cellphone users don’t have international calling activated with their carrier. A usa phone number redirect the calls to your satellite phone and allows anyone to reach you free of cost for them, but it will burn minutes from your plan.

Closer to home, satellite technology can play a major part in emergency planning by providing connectivity whenever landline and mobile networks are unavailable. The inmarsat network is mature and has been in operation for about thirty years. It is a constellation of geostationary orbit satellites that are 23,000 miles from earth, circling the equator. In 2010 inmarsat introduced its isatphone-pro to offer handheld services on its network. The four satellite networks provide essentially the same services, but in very different ways, with different kinds of technology, coverage and quality. Which system is right for you depends on how and where you will make and receive phone calls, and what other services you may require.

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