Green it disposal

For example, due to the lack of strict regulations in developing countries, sometimes workers smash old products, propelling toxins on to the ground, contaminating the soil and putting those who do not wear shoes in danger. Other procedures include burning away wire insulation and acid baths to resell circuit boards. These methods pose environmental and health hazards, as toxins are released into the air and acid bath residue can enter the water supply. In 2007, the united states environmental protection agency stated that more than 63 million computers in the u.S. Were traded in for replacements or discarded.

We have invested heavily in our business to ensure a more secure and complete customer experience. Weee-recycleit are 2018 gdpr ready with stringent data handling and destruction practices. We have new privacy and data protection policies in place offering greater transparency and reporting.

We are fully insured, licensed by the environment agency, registered with the information commissioner’s office and operate a zero to landfill strategy. computer recycling bracknell Our whole business model is designed to make all our customers fully compliant with their computer recycling and data handling obligations from the very moment we are contacted. We take pride in delivering our reliable, high quality and free computer collection and recycling service.

Laws governing the exportation of waste electronics are put in place to govern recycling companies in developed countries which ship waste to third world countries. However, concerns about the impact of e-recycling on human health, the health of recycling workers and environmental degradation remain.

Today, 15% of electronic devices and equipment are recycled in the united states. Most electronic waste is sent to landfills or incinerated, which releases materials such as lead, mercury, or cadmium into the soil, groundwater, and atmosphere, thus having a negative impact on the environment. We have over 12 years experience in delivering a reliable, high quality and free computer collection and recycling service.

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