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Child life child life programs focus on the social and emotional impact of illness and hospitalization. As canada’s largest and most respected paediatric academic health sciences centre, we deliver comprehensive services across a wide range of clinical specialties. Fostering cpas’ leadership and strategic skills to move careers forward, faster. Purchase and download our home study audio programs from our past conferences featuring our outstanding clinicians and researchers. For select complete programs, passing the ce exam enables you to earn continuing education credit approved by apa and camft. Sign up to receive updates about upcoming programs and home study releases.

Manulife kids science & technology this outreach program educates and inspires youth with interactive science experiences and programs. Knowledge translation program learn about professional development, support and tools for kt across the hospital and in the community. Go back up learn about the programs and fellowships we offer the next generation of researchers. Assessment resources Research training centre learn about the programs and fellowships we offer the next generation of researchers. Clinical research services crs supports study teams and quality clinical research with tools, templates, education, facilities and more. Pain centre preventing and minimizing pain for children through integrated clinical care, education and research. Inflammatory bowel disease centre leading cutting-edge research, clinical care and education for paediatric ibd patients.

Cystic fibrosis centre driving research discovery and new therapies, care, and education for cystic fibrosis to benefit children worldwide. Centre for image guided care advancing paediatric image-guided care, research and education to develop new treatments and technologies. Centre for global child health a dedicated hub supporting a global mission for better child health. Medical directives to reduce gaps in patient care, sickkids permits medical directives from health-care providers. Healthy living & weight management sickkids team obesity management program is a weight management program focusing on healthy living.

Parking parking garages/lots available on all campuses, but there may be a cost to park and you will likely need to walk to your class building. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may not show programs from netflix in your classroom unless the program is a documentary. This is because the terms of the netflix subscription agreement prohibit the screening of any programs outside of an individual’s household, except in the case of documentaries. The copyright act permits teachers to show a film, video, or tv program in a classroom for teaching or educational purposes under the face to face teaching exemption. In order to satisfy this exemption, the film must have been lawfully obtained , the film must be shown in the classroom, and the instructor must be engaged in face-to-face teaching activities.

Our spring catalog is posted on our website, on our resources page. In addition to this course schedule we will be offering other programs including virtual special events and friday forums. Due to covid-19, the osher lifelong learning institute at temple university has shifted to online instruction for the 2021 spring session. We believe that the safety of students and staff must be our first priority. Sign up to receive our newsletter and announcements about upcoming courses and events. Sign up for live, interactive online courses taught by cal faculty and other scholars.

We only make copies for 50% of the total number of students in the class. We want to cut down on program costs and encourage our members to print the documents from home. In order to accommodate our members who are not tech‐savvy and have trouble registering online‐we created a registration system in which there is no advantage to registering early, no disadvantage to registering later. After the registration period is over, we run a lottery on the courses, and it randomly determines who is admitted to each course and who is not. You typically receive word about which courses you are admitted to, two weeks before the start of the semester. If you do review our member handbook, keep in mind that it reflects how the program operates under normal conditions. Since all of our classes are online, we’ve had to adapt many of our processes.

Online with assistance over the phone or via zoom online technology required all classes meet online via zoom sessions. You would need to have a computer, tablet or phone to participate in our classes. However, senior scholars must have some comfort with using a computer, accessing the internet, checking email, downloading files, etc.

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