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In the years after the first world war, writers such as arthur ransome developed the adventure genre by setting the adventure in britain rather than distant countries. In the 1930s he began publishing his swallows and amazons series of children’s books about the school-holiday adventures of children, mostly in the english lake district and the norfolk broads. Many of them involve sailing; fishing and camping are other common subjects. Biggles was a popular series of adventure books for young boys, about james bigglesworth, a fictional pilot and adventurer, by w.

The series is considered representative of brazilian children’s literature and the brazilian equivalent to children’s classics such as c. Frank baum’s the wonderful wizard of oz series.[according to whom? ] the concept was introduced in monteiro lobato’s 1920 short story “A menina do narizinho arrebitado”, and was later republished as the first chapter of “Reinações de narizinho”, which is the first novel of the series. The main setting is the “Sítio do picapau amarelo”, where a boy , a girl and their living and thinking anthropomorphic toys enjoy exploring adventures in fantasy, discovery and learning. Buy Children Books On several occasions, they leave the ranch to explore other worlds such as neverland, the mythological ancient greece, an underwater world known as “Reino das águas claras” , and even the outer space. The “Sítio” is often symbolized by the character of emília, lobato’s most famous creation.

Between 1941–1961 there were 60 issues with stories about biggles, and in the 1960s occasional contributors included the bbc astronomer patrick moore. E. Johns contributed sixty stories featuring the female pilot worrals. Evoking epic themes, richard adams’s 1972 survival and adventure novel watership down follows a small group of rabbits who escape the destruction of their warren and seek to establish a new home.

They may also study topics such as home use, children’s out-of-school reading, or parents’ use of children’s books. Teachers typically use children’s literature to augment classroom instruction. In brazil, monteiro lobato wrote a series of 23 books for children known as sítio do picapau amarelo , between 1920 and 1940.

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