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No pressure, you come to us with a budget you are comfortable with dedicating to promoting your music and we will get back to you with how we can help. ​the first step is to book your free, no obligation music marketing strategy call by clicking the button below. ​we’ve been doing this a long time so we know that growing an engaged following is central to successful music marketing. That means that the skills of our other departments are available to our clients to provide a full service digital agency. You can tap into our expertise in everything from web design and development, through seo to ecommerce marketing, email marketing and more.

All our premium digital campaigns are still available and can be booked online at anytime. Hiring quite great to launch a ten-week pr campaign for the release of my first two singles is the best business decision I’ve ever made as an independent artist.3 reasons why musicians fail I have worked with quite great on several campaigns and they always deliver. Pete, amalia, simon daz, are awesome to work with and quite great will continue to be my go to pr company. Pete, daz and team put a 10-week campaign together around the launch of our debut single “lucky” on august 1st. The campaign gave us a useful web/media presence to build a base for upcoming releases. We can help you write, produce, shoot and edit your videos, creating content that engages with your audience.

They are easy to communicate with and everything is clear and transparent. They really work with the artist as a team, it’s more than just sending your music to an agency and see what happens. Quite great have a team of video production specialists with years of experience in music videos, commercials, short films and branded content. Great looking video content will help you add significant value, and raise awareness of your brand. Generally we run our campaigns in ten week patterns, which would be structured around a single, ep or album release. We would work with you to then build up media coverage, discuss how this was impacting on social networking with views, likes etc. And create a campaign that allows us to build from the ground up.

Many people don’t fully understand just how important it is to market yourself. Music marketing is the key process of raising awareness to your music and building your brand. Our main objective here at ovation agency is to help build momentum behind your talent, while giving you the platform to become more connected to your target audience. We collaborate with our clients to help define a strong social presence, while creating valuable connections between artists and their audience. We help organize a strategic plan to implement bespoke marketing campaigns that are unique to you and your brand. What I like about this company is that they work to build a community of supporters around the artist. Having a loyal following is crucial to any business, including and especially artists.

I think a lot of things are still up in the air about the future of the gig economy in general, but it’s definitely growing, and more and more people are relying on that model as a primary or supplementary source of income, and music is no exception to that. But what I would want is a platform that did all that, and I would want to truly dig deep into one specific type of music. I don’t think you can do it for many different types of music. For me, it will would be digging deep into, like, instrumental piano music or guitar music, like background music. It’s not really about selling it as a service; I would probably sell it as a partnership, as an exploitation arm for some part of a release strategy.

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