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On average, independent musicians have been able to convert 10% of all engaged users into fans, at the minimum. Enter your email and subscribe today to get updates on what’s happening in the music & entertainment industry delivered to your inbox monthly. Our team is always around to chat- whether you need help collaborating on creative ideas, insight into special projects or quick turnaround on a campaign.

We bet this is the most efficient, well-knit location independent team you’ve ever worked with. If you enjoyed this conversation and want to follow similar analyses on the intersection of music and tech, please listen to the remaining episodes of the water & music podcast and/or subscribe to the eponymous newsletter. That kind of activity is their selling point — and that kind of release cadence, in terms of releasing everything all at once for you to consume all at once right away. Whereas with these newsy shows, and with rhythm + flow, they’re going to release the episodes in smaller batches. So I think for this music show specifically, the first four episodes come out on the first week, and then the next four come out the next week, and so on. record label looking for talent And you see similar moves with spotify, because they also bought soundtrap in 2017, and they bought anchor, which is not music-specific but is another great example of one of these tools.

That’s arguably more the forte of independent marketing agencies, because that’s more of a marketing function than a copyright exploitation function. The stadiumred group, like I said, is a new player in the space.

Receive a 4-week marketing campaign to accompany each song, ep, and/or album you release . Each campaign will be custom and specific to your project. Let us grow your fan base over 4,000+ month-to-month through various engagements strategies and powerful targeting. Keep in mind, the amount of content you publish each day and your package selection will determine how much your fan base increases month-to-month.

Maybe it’s also kind of a press or perception kind of thing. Like, spotify is really trying to convince the world, “hey, we’re pro-artist, and we want to help artists make a living off of their work.” that’s a motto that they say a lot, in investor meetings and blog posts. But that’s frankly not what’s going to make them more money.

Here’s our review of the 10 best indie music promo services that are actually worth it. Starlight pr created a bold custom island vibe cover art for “Hula hoop”, highlighting omi’s unique style and trademark felt hat. We used our hostile takeover campaign to flood social media with the single cover and the release date of the video.

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