Make notes, create to-do lists and more then share your creations with others with this free add-on. Simple & sharable task list, notes, todo app for busy teams. You can switch the format instantly – see the options below the title. So, projects, for example, to see what projects are ongoing. Agenda allows you to control the timing of individual tasks. Roadmap visually represents a structure of things planned ahead, and tasks displays a list of completed tasks.

Create a task and share editable or view-only access to maintain editing controls. Taskade’s biggest strength is that it doesn’t do too much. It lets you effortlessly group your to-do lists into folders, allowing you to segment your business and personal duties. Tnw uses cookies to personalize content and ads to make our site easier for you to use.

The icons or buttons found in the web page enables users to create new lists, access the help button, access the task list options, and select an image background.Free Todoist Alternative The shareable lists feature makes it easy to share tasks. Some of the key features offered by taskade include shareable lists, simple web-based task list, templates, a desktop app, and browser extensions.

On the left side, we have a navigation sidebar with your workspaces, calendar, tasks, and a search bar. Once you click on a project, you will see all the tasks and attachments. The taskade app has been available for a few years, however, it just started gaining traction this year when people are working from home.

These subscription costs are getting out of hand. This app has no deeper integration with siri, google, alexa, or your apple reminders. Pretty much the only thing that’s novel is the chat function.

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