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Jan ‘n june is a sustainable, fair and transparent eco-fashion label from hamburg. Created by young female entrepreneurs who could not find what they were looking for and decided to make it themselves, this minimalistic, super stylish fair fashion label, succeeds in being sustainable and affordable at the same time. Whether it’s a bodysuit or a pair of briefs, all of boody’s pieces are made from organically grown bamboo.

Getting your loved ones invested in ethical and fair trade clothing can be a family occasion. Whether you’re opting for the socks and long sleeves made of merino wool or the crop tops and wide-leg pants created from a blend of hemp and organic cotton, vege threads’ collections are manufactured 100 percent in australia. Plus, the intimates make use of deadstock fabric, the yogawear is colored with chemical-free and plant-based dyes, and the swimsuits are made from recycled nylon.

Textile recycling firms process about 70% of the donated clothing into industrial items such as rags or cleaning cloths. However, 20–25% of the second-hand clothing is sold into an international market. Where possible, used jeans collected from america, for example, are sold to low-income customers in africa for modest prices, Sustainable Clothing India yet most end up in landfill as the average us sized customer is several sizes bigger than the global average. The following is a list of few charitable organizations known for accepting clothing donations.

As a whole, the us cotton production makes up 25% of all pesticides deployed in the united states. Worldwide, cotton takes up 2.4% of all arable lands yet requires 16% of the world’s pesticides. Furthermore, the cotton hulls contain the most potent insecticide residues.

Most commercially produced silk is of the cultivated variety and involves feeding the worms a carefully controlled diet of mulberry leaves grown under special conditions. Selected mulberry trees are grown to act as homes for the silkworms. The fibers are extracted by steaming to kill the silk moth chrysalis and then washed in hot water to degum the silk. The silk fiber is known for its strength and is considered a prestigious fiber. Most silkworms used to produce silk are not harmed in the process and are grown in their natural habitat, essentially “Free range”.

Email marketing is a great way to promote your label and it’s free! Wanting to work with a factory to produce your fashion designs? In this video, I explain what a tech pack is and why it’s important for your fashion brand. Wondering how much you’ll need to save to launch your fashion brand? In this video I explain how I decide how much I, or a client, needs to spend to launch….

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