What to include in a funeral order of service

When an attendee walks into the ceremony, and the order of service is handed to them, a fond picture of the person departed will act as the warmest welcome to them. If you are finding it hard to choose a front-page picture, invite friends and family to help you. For a funeral order of service booklet, we recommend placing an order up to a week before to ensure they are printed and delivered on time. Our dedicated team have created beautiful funeral order of service templates that can be easily customised by you.

The best way to describe the card type and quality is that it is the same board used for business cards. Blank pages are most commonly used on the inside of the front or back cover and are really useful to make sure that your first text page starts on the right-hand facing page. And lastly, don’t forget it is absolutely ok to include a blank page or pages. Or, you could consider including a reading or poem in full rather than just the heading. Funeral orders of service booklets will be made up into a booklet of 4, 8 or 12 a5 pages.

This will happen towards the end of the service and is the time to say final goodbyes to the deceased.Whether it’s a cremation or burial, there will be a short committal service/blessing.funeral order of service If you include any music, hymns or songs within the service remember to include what they are and who they are written/sung by. A special song or sentimental piece of music to have playing as attendees enter the service. You can reference the name of the piece within the order of service for those that are not familiar with it. The team has always been proud to provide the best possible service for our customers, and it has become clear over the past year that needs have changed.

We recommend 12-point type for the main copy in your funeral orders of service which should allow for all ages to read the text without difficulty. Whilst elaborate typefaces can look nice in headings these can be quite difficult to read if used in the main texts so choose your typeface with care. Some sites have different versions so take care to choose one which displays the wording and style you want. Simply click and drag the cursor over the wording of your chosen hymn and copy it. Older pictures which may be a tiny bit fuzzy or discoloured lend a sense of time and place to all your wonderful memories. We’d always advise, however, to include your presiding minister or celebrant in any discussion about content and they’ll be able to guide and advise you.

This often includes details of the deceased’s early life, their career, their hobbies and personality traits. It often also mentions family members and any fond memories provided by the bereaved. Usually a funeral will have at least one reading, which can be performed by the person leading the service or a relative or close friend. Sometimes people close to the dead feel obliged to say a few words, or the family may ask someone to read something on their behalf while they mourn. Each order of service is different as it is personalised to the deceased.

This is a perfect place to express your thanks to those who have attended and been involved in the service. As well as extending your wishes to those who are cannot attend, but are holding you in their thoughts. You should put details of any preferred charities for whom donations are being collected. This is often a charity close to the heart or who may have cared for the person towards the end of their life. The final page usually includes an image, this is often a more playful or older image from when the person was younger. Speakers – usually named in order, close family and friends recalling memories and sharing stories.

We will do everything we can to ensure that your needs are met and that you can arrange the funeral you want for your loved one. To discuss your funeral stationery requirements, please contact your local dignity funeral director. You may wish to choose a recent or past photo, depending on personal preference and how you would like to remember them. It doesn’t have to be a serious photo either; many people often pick one which will raise a smile or fond memory when looking at the booklet in years to come. All templates include both a front and back cover and a selection of page layouts.

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