There’s nothing like transforming your space into a themed wonderland. Children are curious creatures who are constantly growing and learning. They have active imaginations and love wearing kids costumes as a way to pretend, play and create fun.

Once the list and invitations are drawn up, it is not a good idea to have your child distribute them at school. Imagine being the child who expected to get one but didn’t make the list – a misery many z-list celebrities face on a weekly basis. Be sure to state on the invitations that the party is fancy dress and whether there is a particular theme. If you’d like to buy primary clothing for your child’s costumes and/or play clothes be sure to check out their line of kids clothing.

So, when the folks at primary asked me to write a post about using their colorful clothes as the base for kids’ costumes, I said, “heck, yeah! You can go as simple as pizza or as lavish as a full hot meal. I try to offer a variety of foods and snack items for even the pickiest of eaters including options for vegans and party costume for sale There is also a competition for the best halloween themed cake . Everybody can enter the competition by bringing your entry to the village hall between 3 and 5pm.

Kids love dressing up and with our wonderful collection of children’s fancy dress themes they can get into character whenever the mood takes them, whatever the occasion! As for party favors, I’m not big on giving the kids bags of candy as I more than likely gave them a sugar high at the actual party. So I splurge a little and buy favors that go with theme, but are also fun and practical. For malachi’s 2nd birthday party, we gave out dinosaur puzzles, dinosaur eggs that actually hatch, and dinosaur train dolls for the little ones. I also like to personalize their gifts so I buy party favors appropriate for the age of the children attending.

We’ve got ideas galore to encourage their imaginative play and whisk them off to the land of make-believe. From fairytale princesses and pirates to cowboys and clowns, knights and unicorns to uniforms and hula skirts. Not only does this help with shopping for décor, but it also allows you to highlight your child’s interests. For malachi’s second birthday, he was all about the pbs “dinosaur train” show. Successful themes for boys include cowboys, space travel and pirates, all of which offer plenty of opportunity for dressing up. Girls may prefer themes like fairy tales, movie stars and disney movies.

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