Yaffa medina dates

Also, the photocatalytic activity of mgonps of each saussurea costus variety was comparatively studied. They exhibited an enhanced photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue after uv irradiation for 1 h as 92% and 59% for those prepared by qustal bahri and qustal hindi, respectively. Outcome of results revealed that the biosynthesized mgonps showed promising biomedical potentials.

According to nutritionists, dates contain protein, carbohydrates, calories, sodium, iron and many other nutrients. Those who have made it a habit to take 5 to 7 ajwa dates without fail everyday are less susceptible to carcinoma and circulatory diseases. It gives a healthy and bright skin and able to cure against various skin diseases.

Moreover, the cat, sod, gpx, apx, and gr activities were measured. The autophagy potential was evaluated by lc3 puncta formation, acridine orange in addition to lysotracker staining. Bangla agro The present investigation revealed that the methanolic extract of e.

The results of the research carried on ajwa dates/khajoors gave the following findings. It is complicated to cure due to the variety of the changes this disease cause in the human body. At first, it is not identified at early stages, and when identified, the human body has surpassed the stamina to potent doses and treatments. Keeping in view the difficulty in identifying and treating the disease, the patient’s family has to pay massive debts to make their loved ones live a long life.

Ajwa dates of medinaare very distinctive by their round form and red color that is almost black. Additionaly, it is has a unique taste and considered to be the best kind of dates that are welcomed by pilgrants during pilgrimage time. This proves its high cost because of its high and unique quality.

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