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Osteopathy is an independent, holistic form of medicine in which diagnosis and treatment are carried out with the hands. Osteopathy gets to the bottom of the causes of complaints and treats people in their entirety. Women’s bodies have their own unique hormone.During menstrual cycle and menopause, hormonal changes can have a dramatic effect on the way the woman feels and create unconfortable or painful symptoms. Further to this, when hormones are out of balance, various membranes in the body tend to become sensitive with joints and organs discomfort. Both physiotherapy and chiropractic solutions are focused more locally and treatment sessions do not run for as long as osteopathic treatment. Osteopaths take a hands-on approach to healthcare, paying close attention to the link between your body structure and how it is currently operating.

Our osteopaths are experienced and qualified practitioners with experience in treating all ages, from newborns, pregnant women and elite athletes to the elderly making us an ideal choice for all members of your family. Flex osteopathy adelaide the goal is to provide a holistic approach to treat your pain. Most people seek out our help because they are in pain, their primary focus is to be out of pain. Osteopath As osteopaths, our focus is to find out why you are in pain and to resolve the underlying cause of this pain. In the process the pain relieves but you will also experience better mobility, peace of mind and reduced vulnerability to future episodes.

Osteopathic principles are what sets osteopathic treatment apart from all other modalities. Osteopaths treat with the idea in mind that all body parts function in an integrated manner and that if one body part is restricted, others will compensate leading to inflammation and pain. Dr andrea robertson is an osteopath, nutritionist, naturopath and ex-professional dancer with a strong interest in health and wellness. She is passionate about inspiring clients to lead healthier and happier lives. With a strong background in dance, yoga and pilates, along with her extensive anatomy training and intricate understanding of the human body, andrea has created a barre program like no other.

With experience in managing a range of conditions, flex osteopathy adelaide is one of the leading osteopathy clinics in adelaide. We are privileged to have a range of practitioners who have brought extensive training and over 20 years of combined clinical experience, you will be given the best treatment suited to your individual needs. Dr anna griffin opened bounce back osteopathy in 2015, working as a sole trader in stepney. After seeing her clinic flourish, she found the perfect place to establish bounce, in a heritage-listed cottage on magill road in norwood.

With such a large variety of services on offer, we may have a treatment option to help you. With the additional benefits of improved flexibility, better circulation and skin, as well as improved energy and vitality, massage is a great way to alleviate the stresses in everyday life. Osteopathy is a ‘whole body’ system of manual medicine based on its unique biomechanical principles to treat musculoskeletal problems and other functional disorders of the body. Because we want to help your discover and master the tools you need to get out of pain. After all, it’s our brain that sets humans apart from the rest of the animal kingdom.

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