Trinidad & tobago

In 1976 the country became a republic within the commonwealth, though it retained the judicial committee of the privy council as its final appellate court. The position of governor-general was replaced with that of president; ellis clarke was the first to hold this largely ceremonial role. Tobago was granted limited self-rule with the creation of the tobago house of assembly in 1980.

Tourism and manufacturing are also important to the local economy. Tourism is a growing sector, particular on tobago, although proportionately it is much less important than in many other caribbean islands. It also supplies manufactured goods, notably food, beverages, and cement, to the caribbean region. The southern lowlands consist of miocene and pliocene sands, clays, and gravels.

The queen’s park oval located in port of spain is the largest cricket ground in the west indies, having hosted 60 test matches as of january 2018. Trinidad and tobago along with other islands from the caribbean co-hosted the 2007 cricket world cup. Nautankis and dramas such as raja harishchandra,Trinidad and Tobago sharwan kumar, and alha-khand were brought by indians to trinidad and tobago, however they had largely began to die out, till preservation began by indian cultural groups. Historically agricultural production dominated the economy, however this sector has been in steep decline since the 20th century and now forms just 0.4% of the country’s gdp, employing 3.1% of the workforce. Various fruits and vegetables are grown, such as cucumbers, eggplant, cassava, pumpkin, dasheen and coconut; fishing is still also commonly practised. While women account for only 49% of the population, they constitute nearly 55% of the workforce in the country.

It is also the country’s industrial centre, noted for petroleum and natural gas production, which make t&t one of the most prosperous countries in the caribbean. Tobago is known for tourism, which is its main industry and is a popular tourist destination. The terrain of the islands is a mixture of mountains and plains. On trinidad the northern range runs parallel with the north coast, and contains the country’s highest peak , which is 940 metres above sea level, and second highest (el tucuche, 936 metres ).

Public ambulance services are available to everyone by dialing 990. However these may prove to be unreliable since ambulances are limited and fire stations are often far away. In an emergency it may be better to arrange one’s own transportation to a healthcare facility. These calls are free of charge from any telephone, including pay phones . For foreigners with countries that have reliable police emergency assistance, it should be noted that when dialing “999” in an emergency the police do not always answer the call or show up when assistance is needed.

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