Kitchen garden seeds

Our team of experts finds producers and identifies and tests the seed. If they match our requirements, we cooperate directly with the producers on a long-term basis and can thus ensure a very high quality standard of production and the plant seeds. Basf introduces a technology standard that will facilitate traceability of crop protection products.

We provide extensive additional information on our website about how to sow and care for your seeds. Our beautifully designed packaging is the perfect gift – spread the love for plants from seed. Our seed production is certified under eu organic farming standards. When it comes to plant seeds, there’s unexplored treasures all over the world.

One of our favorite seed sources online to browse for its amazing selection, baker creek heirloom seeds focuses on preserving heirloom varieties to keep species growing in gardens all across the world. They do not sell any genetically modified seeds or bulbs, instead encouraging gardeners to grow heirloom varieties of seeds only and save their seeds for future use. Seed Company There aren’t any gardening tools, gifts, or decor offered, which makes this the company of choice for a seed purist. You can shop by garden theme, with collections curated for container gardens, cottage gardens, kids’ gardens, pollinator gardens, fragrant gardens, and others.

The online software makes it easy to create plans regardless of the size or shape of your growing area. It enables you to calculate how many plants will fit into a space, change the design and keep track of plants on your garden layout, making succession planting and crop rotation much simpler. Whether you use raised beds, traditional row-based planting, or the square foot gardening method, the garden planner has features to making planning and keeping track of your garden simple. Enjoy tasty crops from your own garden when you grow your own vegetables from seed.

If you want to start growing vegetables in your farm greenhouse, backyard garden plot, or on your patio, we are proud to offer a variety of high quality seeds at competitive pricing. We choose only the best garden seed for our growers, including favorite heirloom, non-gmo, and organic varieties that produce results year after year in well-fertilized soil, and gardens. We are constantly expanding our lineup of available choices of many of the hard-to-find garden seed varieties that can be harvested for great family meals. Our garden seed inventory includes vegetable seeds that grow in climates with a short growing season, is drought resistant, or not prone to growing diseases.

If you enter your growing zone (don’t worry, burpee can let you know if you’re not sure), you can also find out exactly when to plant each seed. For those that you should start indoors, that information is also included. Harvest instructions and tips are also provided, along with a helpful advice center that will provide something for new and experienced gardeners alike. While the website design isn’t particularly awe-inspiring, your garden sure will be with burpee seeds. If you are looking for a large selection of flower seeds, american meadows is the choice for you.

Shop hundreds of heirloom, organic, non-gmo vegetable seeds and plants to grow in your garden. Find both tried-and-true favorites and rare varieties of tomatoes, peppers, beans, cucumbers, lettuce, and more. New to gardening and seed saving or want to brush up on your skills? With our strict standards across the entire seed journey, from germination to yield to the eating experience, only a fraction of those we trial will meet our tough standards to be offered to you.

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