Clean eat guide

Keep your meal ingredients to a minimum—just be sure to include a source of whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fat at each meal. For example, veggies and shrimp stir-fried in sesame oil over a bed of brown rice seems restaurant quality but can be whipped up faster than takeout. Choose minimally processed foods made from a single plant or animal, or a shortlist of ingredients you recognize. Avoid packaging, which can also contain unwanted additives, where you can. Read the ingredient label as if it were a shopping list for a recipe. If you could make this food – all the ingredients are listed there and you could find them individually – that’s a good sign.

If you buy a box of all organic quaker oats granola bars, you will still get refined sugar. The idea of clean eating is to avoid processed foods. You can certainly purchase organic produce and the like, that’s always a great option.

Processed foods have been linked to increased risk of health issues such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and micronutrient deficiencies. Managing these diseases is expensive and may shorten your life span. Healthy eating is so important for avoiding these diseases later over the long run. This plan incorporates recipes with everyday ingredients. Pies, soups, pastas and even some desserts. We give you a choice of breakfasts & dinners each day.

In addition to fresh, unprocessed foods, clean eating involves selecting food that comes from ethically raised animals. It’s vital to avoid added sugar if you’re trying to eat clean. Yet, added sugar is very common — and even found in foods that don’t taste particularly sweet, like sauces and condiments. Refined carbs are highly processed foods that are easy to overeat yet provide little nutritional value. Choosing organic produce can help you take clean eating one step further by reducing pesticide exposure and potentially boosting your health .

I just know that some of them are not clean because fellow clean eaters have informed me of that. Clean Eat Guide You’d have to read the ingredients to be sure. Terri – I do try to purchase organic whenever I can afford it. I would have to see the ingredients on the heinz ketchup, but I seriously doubt that it’s clean.

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