Resin Bound Vs Resin Bonded

Come to us for hands-on contractor training, unparalleled technical knowledge, and competitive trade rates. Because the aggregates are scattered onto a complete layer of resin, water cannot pass through; this means a Resin Bonded system is not porous. Resin Bound is the fastest growing surfacing solution in the UK, and it is being embraced by landscapers, developers and contractors nationwide. It is a system of laying a hardwearing course of mixed resin onto a new or existing bitmac or concrete base.

Shipping for the aggregate will be charged at our supplier’s rate up to a maximum of £120. Our extensive range means you are able to create a stylish decorative Resin Bound driveway with a smooth, stunning finish. Why not give us a call and see how we can help you reduce your costs on resin and dried aggregates by speaking to one of our resin bound advisors today. We can offer you the perfect supply chain and support for your customers to learn our fantastic resin surfacing solution. We are established market leaders and have perfected our BoundWorx® Resin Bound materials throughout our extensive 25 years’ experience in the resin industry.

This makes it an attractive alternative that can be designed specifically to meet your needs. At SureSet we can offer different colour options for resin bound paving, which truly lets you choose the ideal colour and texture for your project. The bonded gravel is a scatter system which means the resin is laid down first and then the stone aggregate is scattered on top; therefore the surface is not smooth. Resin bonded gravel is a cheaper option, however you need to be aware that this flooring type is not porous and so water can build up on top of your surface in the event of heavy downfall of rain. This system mixes natural aggregate, marble or recycled materials and clear resin thoroughly together. During this process, each particle of stone is fully covered in resin and laid immediately onto abase, to a smooth permeable finish.

Resin Bonded is a hard wearing, anti-skid system used to firmly bond aggregates to a stable substrate. Our Resin Bound system is a permeable paving system that is compliant with SuDs . The system’s open structure allows the water to drain through and reduces surface water pooling. This assists with storm water control and reduces the problems caused by standing water.

This paving option is compliant with SuDS and actively contributes to flood prevention. We can provide a range of designs for bonded gravel paths to suit a range of areas. If you are thinking of having a resin bonded paving surface at your home or public facility, please contact our team. Resincoat UV stable resin bound driveway professional kit is perfect for application over large areas such as a driveway or large landscape.

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