The Ultimate Guide To Product Photography

According to insights released by Facebook in February 2019, 83% of Instagram users say the platform helps them discover new products and services. Plus, 79% of users said they searched for more information after seeing a product or service on Instagram. In the meantime, start building your store with a free 14-day trial of Shopify. Get free online marketing tips and resources delivered directly to your inbox.

In fact, when we analyzed the product photos from the top fashion brands, we found that 95% of them had white background shots. The main advantage of in-context images is that they make your products more relatable to potential consumers. While product detail photos might be very informative, Toronto product photography and photographer photos can bring your product to life and elicit an emotional impact. Find the things that consumers love about your products and make them relatable.

Well, not to brag or anything, but I did receive AP college credit for my dark-room photography skills back in the day. I studied studio art in undergrad, and I’ve continued to enjoy photography during my spare time. My tool of choice is no longer film or even my DSLR, but my iPhone, which is typically attached to my hand .

Most platforms and marketplaces have their own set of photo editing requirements, so make sure you find out what yours are. Share your guide with everyone involved in your product shoots, and post a copy in your in-house studio for quick reference. Just like a strong backlight, direct light can create harsh shadows. If the shadows are too harsh, use white plasterboard or cardboard on either side of the object, helping to reflect some light and soften it. It’s always best to shoot when the day is at its brightest, giving you more light to play with. For lifestyle shots, why not ask a friend or team member to sport your clothes for some bonus photos.

Remember, the main focus of each product photograph should be the product. With that said, props can be welcome and help brighten the photograph for your viewers. While editing should be minimal in most cases, it’s still a necessary skill to have in your product photography handbook.

Different types of product photography will require different approaches to showcase the particular product. A bottle of perfume for example, will require a different lighting approach than product packaging. Here are 10 types of product photography and some tips for approaching each one. Product photography is everywhere we look and everywhere we go.

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