Music Video Production Services

Ask about our EPK package, a music video + a behind the scenes video. If you are looking to offer your music video for transmission on a major channel, then you will need to deliver the final edited digital file to the channels technical specifications. Each channel will publish a set of technical specifications available for you to view online. If you want to post the video on YouTube, you will need to make sure no one else owns the copyright for the music otherwise you may be asked to remove the video. Filming the bandplaying liveis a way to get some great footage for your music video.

As such, writing Latent music video production and persuasive treatments is key to finding work. The same goes for post-production, when the director, editor, and artist shape raw footage into its final form. Attempting a Hollywood blockbuster on a shoestring budget will generally look terrible.

Feel free to Google “music video storyboard template” in order to find and download a template to work from. Sketch out each scene in the box and describe the scene underneath. Many places have community arts programs that allow you to rent equipment for lower rates. You can also check out local colleges in your area to see if they are willing to help.

One technique to guarantee that your live footage syncs to a video is to “stage” a live performance. Get the band to play along to the track in front of an audience of selected friends or fans. By doing “live” footage in this way, you can control the lighting and people’s movements, and get the track played as many times as you need. If the song is not yours, consider copyright costs.Do not assume that a song that is not yours is okay to use for your music video.

Our London based creative team get that you want to create a wonderful experience for your fans, and we know that music can create a range of emotions. Our film will complement your music video, but never overshadow it. We can help source and secure locations, obtain permits and video production insurance, and can even call on our contacts in catering and transportation.

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