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Wait several months for a federal review of your application. Some countries require buyers to accurately hit a target or demonstrate safe handling procedures. You’ll receive exclusive specials, valuable coupons, advance sale notices and new product alerts.

There are no rules on where the handover needs to happen, as long as the timing works for both parties. The process is flexible enough for even the busiest online gun buyer. All of the users we spoke with said they vetted prospective buyers in some way, whether by reading through the person’s online presence or simply getting a sense of the person while negotiating a sale. But only a handful said they took customers to a licensed firearms dealer to perform a background check before making a sale. Over the years, the website has become a major destination for firearm buyers and sellers.

Christopher Henderson and John Phillips, according to court records, made a business out of buying guns in the South, where gun restrictions are loose, and then reselling them up north. The two would buy from sellers on Armslist in Kentucky, rolling through the state in a white Dodge Challenger, then drive them back to Chicago. A broker working with Henderson and Phillips would then resell the weapons, often on Facebook.

Once you’ve made your purchase, handles everything. We coordinate the transfer, paperwork and shipping to ensure your gun is safely delivered to your FFL on your behalf. I paid PSA $17.00 for shipping and a $25.00 FFL transfer fee, Gallery of Guns builds in $100.00 for the transferring FFL. It also helps to pay for their lifetime REPLACEMENT warranty. FFLs are trying to stop people from buying online because of the loss of business. 100 $25 transfers is still $2500 and it’s all profit in many states.

But it’s also one of my favorites for actual firearms. They have almost all of the popular handguns and rifles in stock and ready to go. For California residents, Rifle Gear’s website offers a “CA legal” search engine for discovering which handguns and rifles are acceptable in the state. The customer buy firearms online without ffl team can also help with any questions, or you can head into one of their in-store locations. Alway check if the online gun dealer that markets itself as cheap comes with a warranty.

Yasmeen Daniel, Zina’s daughter, was at the spa when her mother was killed, and filed suit against Armslist in 2015, arguing that the shooting could’ve been stopped. In 2017, about nine miles away from where Commander Paul Bauer was killed, a 15-year-old boy named Xavier Soto was murdered. Prosecutors later linked the gun used in the killing — a Taurus pistol — to a purchase Henderson made through Armslist. We identified more than 700 phone numbers that appeared in 10 or more listings. The most used phone number belonged to a seller in South Carolina who was associated with more than 300 listings on Armslist during the period of time covered by our scraping.

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