Rap beats royalty

We are a tight group of producers and have been making quality beats for many years. If you want to become a member of our team, you can request a sample of your work to be heard and we will consider adding you. If you know one of our producers personally and they recommend you, you can be sure we’ll hear your work and possibly add you to the team if you qualify.

Flocabulary produces professional hip-hop instrumentals for amateur and pro rappers alike. These beats are for non-commercial use only (myspace page / practice / demo). This is a very well-known online beat maker that is incredibly easy to use and very user friendly. If you want to pay to use it, you get access to a broader range of features that will help to make your beats amazing. He is one of those beat makers who hopes you use his beats because they are free and that one of your songs will pop off, he will get credit for it and then be able to monetize it. The rap beats and instrumental beats game is forever changing and for 2021, we’re right on track with the genre’s especially trap beats.

We are knowledgeable on what sounds current or innovative, and what will or won’t work on urban radio. Also when creating blank beats, we carefully approach to mixing, that has a positive effect on quality. Our experience of more than 10 years allows us to do this on a professional level. The royalty free music we offer is 100% original and is not sampled so you don’t have to worry about clearance. The only thing is that you cannot do is claim copyright from music from our site.

If you want to upload your songs to all kinds of digital platforms without legal problems, whether as singles, in albums, mixtapes or video projects, you must also acquire one of our licenses. It is necessary to have a proper license for the music of your songs if you want to distribute and sell your songs without any legal problems. Our vocal music can be bought or leased for apps like the spotify app, you tube, itunes and more. The music composed here are from top producers with over 30 years experienced combined. rap instrumentals Many find our instrumental beats the best way to get noticed with very limited budgets and make a hit song with a licensed beat. Some have beautiful piano progressions, or have real musical instruments in them and others are easy listening or just ambient music.

Sometimes, a shouted m.O.P. Or dmx chorus helps amplify a beat’s intensity. Or biggie contrast beautifully with the frenetic energy of the track and let the production speak for itself. While some of these songs crossed over to the pop charts, others remained favorites of real rap heads and connoisseurs.

Click +add next to the beat you wish to order and select the license you require.

Not only that, you can get access to collaborating with other people and you can purchase additional features to enhance your beats. Looplabs is an online music maker that is perfect for musicians in various genres, including hip hop. That means that you are going to find a wide selection of music to toy around with here.

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