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If you chart the growth weight of puppies, you will see that low birth weight puppies do grow more slowly than their litter mates. Any breed can be dwarfed down and many of today’s breeds have been breed over generations to reduce size for a specific reason. You may be surprised to know that there really is no such official term called teacup puppy, even though puppy buyers who want a smaller than normal puppy would argue otherwise.

While at times these tiny dogs are the result of being the ‘runt of the litter’, it is more likely that these dogs are the product of intentional breeding using two undersized dogs. Given how cute these dogs are, it’s no surprise that they are in high demand and can sell for thousands. The large amount of money on offer means teacup puppies are often produced in ‘puppy mills’ – unethical breeders who will produce and sell puppies however they can. As the smallest dogs of their litter, teacup dogs often have health issues.

“no one is going to end up with an adult dog who fits inside a teacup. You’re better off adopting a dog and saving your teacups for tea.” elizabeth says that the term “teacup” is really just a marketing ploy to sell more puppies.

If you feel like your heart is going to explode if you don’t get a teacup puppy in your life soon, take a deep breath and read what to expect. Teacup puppies may be tiny, but the responsibility of owning one is anything but. teacup miniature dachshunds If you absolutelyhave to have a teacup dog, be sure to go through a trusted, reliable breeder.

Also, for some breeds, their life expectancy is considerably shorter—some only live about half as long as the larger-sized variety. There are not many cons associated with teacup puppy ownership. However, like any canine, they’re susceptible to some health issues. Naturally, teacup dogs or smaller than larger breeds, which means extra care must be taken when playing with children, larger dogs and when handling the puppy. Teacup dogsare extremely popular pets because these micro dogs look like puppies forever.

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