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At once a moving memoir of one woman’s becoming and a fast-paced story set on the bleeding edge of artificial intelligence, Girl Decoded traces el Kaliouby’s personal and professional journey as a Muslim woman in the overwhelmingly white and male world of technology. Raised by conservative parents in Egypt, el Kaliouby broke with obedient daughterhood to earn a PhD at Cambridge, then moved to the United States to pursue her dream of humanizing the tech industry. As she recounts her quest to bring emotional intelligence to emerging book subscription box UK , el Kaliouby writes beautifully about the personal challenge of learning to “decode” her own feelings. Her efforts led her to found Affectiva, a software company pioneering artificial intelligence that can understand human emotions. As women in STEM continue to fight misogyny, racism, and countless other challenges, Girl Decoded is a rousing reminder that women can and should be able to succeed without sacrificing any part of their wholeness. “What’s the Lakota word for intersectional feminism? Is it just an emoji of a knife?” asks prolific humorist Tiffany Midge in this uproarious, truth-telling collection of satirical essays skewering everything from white feminism to “Pretendians” to pumpkin spice.

We picked books that represent intersectional feminism—feminism that doesn’t leave out any kind of woman or identity. Esther Greenwood is a talented and dark-humored young woman, who is extraordinarily preoccupied with the oppressed state of the government. After facing relentless academic rejection, her mental health takes a downward spiral, and totally plummets. This 1963 novel is shockingly timeless, in terms of issues the protagonist faces, from mental health problems, to becoming overly consumed with nationwide issues. Aside from being unbelievably relatable at times like these, however, it also shows concern for what women faced in the modern world. In under 100 pages, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie explains why feminism is for people of all genders.

Tennis phenomenon Billy Jean fought for fairness in women’s sports and proved that men and women are equal on and off the court. Leonora Carrington rejected the life of a “proper” lady to become a leader in the surrealist art movement. Today girls can participate in sports of all kinds, thanks to the generations of women athletes that worked to pass Title IX in the United States. Beverley proved everyone wrong by becoming the captain of a major airline and several other firsts for female commercial pilots. 11-year-old Alice challenges girls to have confidence, to raise their hands, and speak up in class.

Rowling, provides useful tips and inspiration on how to make yourself heard, and make a difference. The characters, which include Amma a lesbian socialist playwright and Carole a high-flyer with a dark secret, are all so beautifully written you won’t want their stories to end before you move on to the next. One of the most talked about books of 2020, writer Lisa Taddeo spent eight years living with three different women across America and exploring their relationship with sexuality and desire. One of our favourites is Emma Thompson writing about her ‘ironically undramatic’ depression and her tips on overcoming ‘low spirits’ including ‘Keep reasonably busy’ and ‘Do not under any circumstances compare yourself to anyone else’. The sisters’ stories and relationships have remained relevant through time, so much so the 2019 film featuring Florence Pugh and Saoirse Ronan was the seventh film adaptation of the novel. Sisters Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth – the ‘little’ women – continue to inspire and be talked about a century and a half after they were created by Louisa May Alcott.

A guide for young Black women on how to navigate modern life, covering everything from education to work life and dating. An uplifting read that will inspire you to not only excel in life, but enjoy the ride. A story of how one woman came to realize what she really wanted from life and how she went about disregarding the world’s expectations of her to find happiness in her life. Glennon Doyle has become an inspirational figure and her book will encourage you to break free of the constraints of society. In this memoir in verse, Halse Anderson recounts her experience of sexual assault, its impact on her life, and how she continues to speak up for survivors. Through writing, poetry and performance, Jasmine and Chelsea find and use their voices to fight for gender equality.

From the grassroots history of the first wave, to human rights violations within women’s prisons, demands for sex worker’s rights, and calls for a feminist politics to combat fascism, our feminist bookshelf includes all of your essential radical feminist reading. Delve into the origins of the feminist movement, learn more about modern-day champions, or get lost in a fictional dystopia that highlights the stark inequalities women face every day. These are the feminist books that paved the way for how we live today—and the pioneering reads that are continuing the work in the modern day. Audre Lorde’s Sister Outsider encompasses 15 essays and speeches dated from 1976 to 1984 on sex, race, ageism, homophobia, and class. The collection is considered a classic with Lorde’s dedication to exploring identity and change, specifically among African American women. But try combining those identities — in Jerkins’ case, being both Black and a woman — and suddenly the ante is raised even higher.

In The Minority Body, Elizabeth Barnes gives an essential overview of the social vs. the medical model of disability, asserting that disabled bodies like hers should be viewed as different, rather than inferior, to abled bodies. Petersen’s book is a call to every woman who’s been told that she’s ‘too much’ – who takes up more space than patriarchal limitations allow. Looking at several different women, all of whom have been dismissed as being ‘too ’, Petersen considers why women are so often told to be ‘less’. An essential read for anyone interested in queer theory,Gender Trouble looks at the ways that gender has been, and continues to be, constructed and performed in various contexts and across societies. One of America’s most recognizable trans activists, Janet Mock relays her experiences growing up as a multiracial, poor, trans woman in her brave and moving autobiography, Redefining Realness. Though this is undoubtedly an account of one woman’s experience of womanhood, and her own quest to a sense of self, Mock manages to break ground for anyone and everyone who is marginalized and misunderstood, and is fighting to define themselves on their own terms.


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Sustainable Seed Company is a small, family owned and operated impartial seed company specializing in heirloom and organic seeds . We also carry an assortment of growing supplies, gardening tools, starter kits & seed assortments. All of our seed is tested in our seed testing laboratory which is supervised by a Registered Seed Technologist. The lab performs seed identification, germination testing, purity analysis, and noxious weed examinations. Research in our test gardens includes quality control, monitoring plant performance, testing new items and planting methods, working production trials and maintaining foundation seed plots.

The larger companies supply seed both to business resellers and wholesalers. The resellers and wholesalers sell to vegetable and fruit growers, and to corporations who package seed into packets and sell them on to the Seed Company gardener. Unlike most garden seed merchants, we really grow seeds on our farm and help to support other small seed farmers by purchasing what we don’t grow from our network of growers. Providing one of the best wildflower seed, garden flower seed, grass seed, and herb seed to wholesale, industrial, and government markets as well as other seed corporations since 1965. You can think of the “seed” funding as part of an analogy for planting a tree. This early financial help is ideally the “seed” which will help to grow the business.

In most circumstances, the traders in a pre-seed funding scenario are the company founders themselves. It usually represents the first official money that a business venture or enterprise raises. Some firms never extend beyond seed funding into Series A rounds or beyond. Before any round of funding begins, analysts undertake a valuation of the company in question.

If the company grows and earns a profit, the investor shall be rewarded commensurate with the investment made. Before exploring how a round of funding works, it is necessary to determine the completely different individuals. First, there are the individuals hoping to realize funding for their company.

The sweet chinese big pepper is the only variety I’ve planted, and it germinated great and are doing nicely beneath lights. By submitting this kind, you comply with our terms and privacy policy. Together, we can ensure these varieties are around for generations to return.

At an elevation of approximately 900 toes, our last frost date typically falls on May 12th and the first frost around September 15th. We have an inexpensive growing season, however our cool summer nighttime temperatures make lengthy, sizzling season crops a problem. You can perceive why we are confident in saying that if it’s provided by us, it’s going to carry out nicely just about wherever you wish to develop a backyard. Venture Capital is money, technical, or managerial experience supplied by investors to startup corporations with long-term growth potential.

At the heart of our organization is a seed bank that homes a collection of 20,000+ rare, open-pollinated varieties. With gardeners such as you, we are ready to get these seeds where they belong—in gardens and on tables everywhere, for generations to come. Our MissionWe preserve and promote America’s culturally diverse however endangered garden and food crop heritage for future generations by accumulating, growing, and sharing heirloom seeds and crops.


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Customer assist is available through the official website. Whether you love sports, or entertainment or need to binge-watch the latest TV exhibits, Nerco IPTV has received you coated with a huge library of TV channels and flicks. Blerd Vision is doubtless considered one of the affordable IPTV services out there. Be prepared to pay for more if you would like more connections on a single plan. As for video quality, you possibly can count on up to 4K resolutions for some channels, something that we can’t say about other IPTV companies. As for the basic bundle, you presumably can count on over 6000 TV channels, VOD options, varied fee options, and more for $12 per month.

There is a simple trick to learn if an IPTV provider is legal or not. If the IPTV app is on the market on the Amazon App Store or Google Play store, it’s legal to best iptv and download in your region. Catch-Up TV, Multi-Screen features are also included with some of these IPTV streaming companies. While these providers are primarily for Live TV streaming, some of them might embody VOD movies and exhibits too.

Yes, there are free IPTV services and we outline some of the most popular ones above. Free IPTV companies usually come with annoying ads or quality is just SD and not very reliable. The purposes used to install most unverified IPTV Services are called Downloader or FileLinked. Your service will in all probability use one of these two purposes to install.

It’s inconceivable for us to discover out whether an IPTV service holds the proper licensing for the channels that they deliver. As mentioned above, some unverified IPTV providers do not have the proper licensing so yes, they might be considered illegal. The first line of defense when streaming from an unverified provider is to use a Virtual Private Network or VPN with IPTV.

The service offers 1000+ HD channels from the US, Canada, UK, Latino, Germany, Israel, and more. Yeah IPTV is considered one of the greatest IPTV companies in the cost-effective category. The base plan starts at 9.99 EUR ($12 approximately) per month with 1 connection. You also can buy the 19.99 EUR ($24) plan that provides 2 connections.

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When consumed, the body works to reduce the impact of psilocybin, blocking effects with repeated doses. Addictive substances work oppositely, changing the body on a biological level and leaving it unable to function without regular dosing. Effectively, our body has an in-built mechanism that prevents it from becoming chemically reliant on psilocybin. If you’re worried about which is better, fresh or dried mushrooms, don’t be; both contain psilocybin. The biggest difference between the two comes down to total volume. [newline]A dose of fresh magic mushrooms requires eating a larger portion because of the water weight.

Chew them well, so that specific substances can become active. If you have already had something to eat or drink, the effects will appear later and will be less noticeable. Take 4 to 5 seeds for a visionary experience that lasts about 8 hours. The Colombian mushrooms also known as the Psilocyne Colombiescens provide a stronger trip than for example the Mexican and Thai. The Colombian mushrooms provide an intense experience of the world around you, in addition, you are brought to the top of mountains of Colombia!

This way, you get peace of mind that what turns up at your door will offer exactly what you asked for—potent magic mushrooms. If, however, you’re determined to identify mushrooms in your local area, in the hope they may be of the psychedelic variety, we recommend studying a species guide. From magic mushroom grow kits to magic truffles and magic mushroom spores, our Magic Mushroom section has everything the modern psi-bernautical explorer could wish for.

When the trip is over, and you’ve had time to digest the experience, what else can you expect from magic mushrooms? Fortunately, after-effects are limited, with just a few factors you should be aware of. Outdoors, you needn’t worry about shrooms getting enough fresh air.


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An engagement ring goes on the fourth finger of the left hand, which is traditional for most Western countries, including the UK. This tradition traces back to the Ancient Romans, where they believed the finger had a direct vein to the heart. You will receive a call from an advisor to confirm your time slot. Unfortunately this particular setting and diamond combination are incompatible. Please contact us now and we’ll help you design your dream ring.

This way you have enough time to look at your ring before the proposal and you can wait buy diamond rings online the perfect moment to propose. In the past it was common for the man to buy two engagement rings. He gave one to his beloved future wife and wore the other one himself.

In Berlin, you have the choice between numerous jewelers that offer different quality levels for your engagement ring. You also want to look for stores that offer peace of mind in the form of a lifetime warranty and insured shipping, both of which you can get when shopping with the jewelers mentioned above. These retailers each offer special expertise and specialize in specific areas. Brian Gavin is one of the best diamond retailers for high-quality diamond cuts.

You can choose from exclusive designer brands and custom-designed rings at Zales. We make buying a diamond engagement ring simple while still maintaining the excitement and surprise. For over 40 years, Purely Diamonds has been at the forefront of diamond jewellery production.

It used to be thought, that the ring finger of the left hand was directly connected to the heart by a vein. That is why today the engagement ring is still often worn on the left hand. After the wedding ceremony the ring can be changed to the ring finger of the right hand and worn in front of the wedding ring. You can easily exchange or return your ladies diamond ring bought from us.


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100% free-hand painted onto watercolor paper by a master artist. Splined canvases differ from traditional side-stapled canvas in that canvas is attached with a spline at the rear of the frame. This allows the artist to incorporate painted edges into the artwork itself without staples at the sides, and the artwork can be displayed without a frame. Splined canvas can be restretched by adjusting the spline.

Some artists staple the canvas to a wall to size or prime it and then when it is dry they stretch it. You can stretch it fine if it’s just sized and then you can prime it after it is stretched, as the size keeps it from stretching so unevenly, helps it keep its shape. The type of ground affects many things about the tablouri pictate . The amount of tooth affects how well the paint adheres and how much brush-drag you feel as you paint.

I find these prepared panels to work the best for small sizes. 100% free-hand painted onto a canvas by a master artist. Work directly with the artist to customize your painting or just upload a photo and let them handle it.

If you are competent in techniques, the surface is not much of an issue. Additionally, duration isn’t a reason to justify favoring either cotton or linen because both use the same primers. Some artists complain the weave of a cotton canvas is too mechanical, whereas with linen it is more random. Also worth noting, many top landscape artists resort to dry brushing; linen lends itself nicely to these effects because some areas of the weave bulge more.

A commendable thing about big wall paintings is that it creates a focal point in your room. Imagine a statement wall art handing in your living room or in your bedroom. For creating a focal point, the big size paintings are appropriate.

Paintings play a crucial role in the interiors of the home. We at WallMantra understand this and offer a huge variety of small and big wall paintings. After letting it dry for a few minutes, I went over it once more with black spray paint.


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Wait several months for a federal review of your application. Some countries require buyers to accurately hit a target or demonstrate safe handling procedures. You’ll receive exclusive specials, valuable coupons, advance sale notices and new product alerts.

There are no rules on where the handover needs to happen, as long as the timing works for both parties. The process is flexible enough for even the busiest online gun buyer. All of the users we spoke with said they vetted prospective buyers in some way, whether by reading through the person’s online presence or simply getting a sense of the person while negotiating a sale. But only a handful said they took customers to a licensed firearms dealer to perform a background check before making a sale. Over the years, the website has become a major destination for firearm buyers and sellers.

Christopher Henderson and John Phillips, according to court records, made a business out of buying guns in the South, where gun restrictions are loose, and then reselling them up north. The two would buy from sellers on Armslist in Kentucky, rolling through the state in a white Dodge Challenger, then drive them back to Chicago. A broker working with Henderson and Phillips would then resell the weapons, often on Facebook.

Once you’ve made your purchase, handles everything. We coordinate the transfer, paperwork and shipping to ensure your gun is safely delivered to your FFL on your behalf. I paid PSA $17.00 for shipping and a $25.00 FFL transfer fee, Gallery of Guns builds in $100.00 for the transferring FFL. It also helps to pay for their lifetime REPLACEMENT warranty. FFLs are trying to stop people from buying online because of the loss of business. 100 $25 transfers is still $2500 and it’s all profit in many states.

But it’s also one of my favorites for actual firearms. They have almost all of the popular handguns and rifles in stock and ready to go. For California residents, Rifle Gear’s website offers a “CA legal” search engine for discovering which handguns and rifles are acceptable in the state. The customer buy firearms online without ffl team can also help with any questions, or you can head into one of their in-store locations. Alway check if the online gun dealer that markets itself as cheap comes with a warranty.

Yasmeen Daniel, Zina’s daughter, was at the spa when her mother was killed, and filed suit against Armslist in 2015, arguing that the shooting could’ve been stopped. In 2017, about nine miles away from where Commander Paul Bauer was killed, a 15-year-old boy named Xavier Soto was murdered. Prosecutors later linked the gun used in the killing — a Taurus pistol — to a purchase Henderson made through Armslist. We identified more than 700 phone numbers that appeared in 10 or more listings. The most used phone number belonged to a seller in South Carolina who was associated with more than 300 listings on Armslist during the period of time covered by our scraping.